Tourist Farm


Anton Zupan
Zgornje Gorje 42
SI - 4247 Zgornje Gorje



The Zupan family has been offering tourists a place to stay for the past thirty years. Their homestead was the first to embrace farm tourism in Gorenjska, the mountainous north-west region of Slovenia. Their home, more than a century old, is typical for this area. It lies in the foothills of the Alps · on the sunny side, of course! - and is only a few kilometers away from Mt. Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. Behind the house lie two hectares of land, a true paradise for children and their parents. The house itself is easy to find; it's right in front of the village church. One feature of the house is the "peasant room," showcasing antique objects from the 19th and even 18th centuries. The Zupans say that guests, impressed by the collection, will often take their time silently browsing this room. During the winter, guests warm up beside the porcelain stove, a typical feature of Slovene peasant homes in bygone days. Guests and their hosts often gather in the peasant room to talk and drink good Slovene wine. Slivovic, a plum brandy good for one's health, might also be on offer. While you're chatting, don't forget to ask Mr. Zupan or his son to give you a tour of the workshop where they repair antique furniture. You can see pieces there dating back as far as the 16th century.

Tourists can book a room with or without a kitchen. If you like to cook, the Zupans can provide all you need -- eggs, milk and milk products, meat, sausages.  Vegetables can be freshly picked from the garden. The Zupans' own house specialties include a milky drink with fruit and a dish of eggs with a side of specially prepared bacon.

A lot must be done to keep the farm running, but guests only have to work at having a good time. Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj lure visitors to their picturesque shores throughout the year. In summer, guests can swim, bike, stroll through the huge forests, or hike in the mountains. In winter, they can ski or go skating on Lake Bled. After a cold day, it's wonderful to return to the cosy Zupan house and find Mrs. Zupan baking bread or, perhaps, a Slovene nut cake. She might even invite you to help her.


How to get to Zupan's house:
It's on the Bled-Pokljuka road, 4 kilometres away from Bled. You can't
miss it!

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